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At Greytown Advisors we have invested significantly in our technology platform, culminating with our partnership with Addepar, an advanced portfolio monitoring and reporting technology platform.

Meet out team of experienced advisors with over 30 years of investing experience.

We are focused on providing long-term, positive returns to clients with diverse risk profiles.

Our long term investing approach focuses primarily on bottoms-up fundamental analysis with a contrarian tilt.

We have been involved in the emerging market space for over 30 years, managing emerging market strategies since 1993.

If you are an existing client you can log in using our client login section which can be found by using the button located below.

Greytown Advisors has its roots in Central America; its founders come from the Pellas Group of companies.

Greytown Advisors is a registered investment advisor founded in 2012 to focus on investment management.

The members of the team at Greytown Advisors have over 30 years of experience as institutional asset managers, including senior investment roles in mutual funds and hedge funds.

At Greytown Advisors we combine the rigor of institutional asset management with the personalized service of a boutique family office.

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